Client Communication

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Enhance your direct client communications!

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Update: by VArepo makes it simple to enter various client information & use it all throughout the Web PanelForms.  On top of this, you can also automate real-time Email Updates & even give your clients the ability to log in and manage everything with you digitally.

  • Client info is populated into the assignments
  • Fees can be auto populated into Invoices
  • Notes can easily be emailed to clients
  • Send them Forms throughout our Web Panel
  • Web Emails “Reply” back to your Email inbox
  • Auto Email clients with real-time activity
    • Order Opened
    • Mobile App GPS Verified Updates
    • Collateral Recovered
    • Order Status Change
  • Give your clients free login capabilities
    • They can only interact with their orders
    • You have admin control of their profiles
    • They can add, review & edit orders freely
    • They can interact with a Live Repo Map