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Update: by VArepo offers a 100% FREE Android Mobile Application with NO ADS on the Google Play Store


Our Android based repo app combines powerful functionality & flexibility to help our mobile app users remain fully ready to act 24\7 & with pinpoint accuracy.  With our repo app in the pockets of your field presence, your mobile users will have everything needed to cover most needs in the field and you will find our software to be very reliable as well as feature rich with a lot of functionality packed into a simple design.

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100% FREE Mobile Application
Android platform only at this time
4.5 out of 5 Star rated App
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  • Maps help better manage efforts
  • Tap pins to review basic order info
  • Tap the info to get deeper
  • Initiate navigation directly from map
  • Initiate Street View from map as well
  • Look at our pins & understand:
    • Client
    • Collateral Type
    • Home or POE
    • Pins Recently added to maps
    • Verified location & more

4 User Types

  • General Public:
  • Report vehicle locations as desired
  • Some people can purchase that info
  • You can get $20 for any submission
  • No access to any repo information
  • Profile can be upgraded for free
    • Must connect to a repo company
    • Repo company manages upgrade
  • Scout: All above is included
  • As well as:
    • Mapping features
    • Messaging with repo company
    • Receive routes from repo company
      • Use a Map or List to manage route
    • Navigation
    • View VIN Specs & Pictures
    • Update capability
      • Within 1 Mile GPS Requirement
      • GPS location also captured at Submit
      • Simple “Re-Run” button
    • Notify team of a good location
    • “Follow Me” capability
      • Track your route & prove efforts
      • Turn on, drive, turn off & Submit
  • Recovery Agent: All above is included
  • As well as:
    • Debtor & Comaker Details
    • Client Details
    • Find all addresses for order
    • Review existing Updates
    • Notify team of a good recovery
    • Map filters:
      • # of Updates
      • Days Since updated
      • Tag Number
      • VIN & several others.
  • Lead Recovery Agent: All above is included
  • As well as: Additional Pin Control

Pro HD Updates

  • If you can read, you can make Pro Updates
    • Even zero experience is fine
    • Good character is more important
  • Our App asks simple questions
  • Users select the correct answer
  • 20,000+ possible Q&A Updates
    • Pull deep details from the field
    • Property description
    • Contact description
  • Eliminate unprofessional Updates
  • Select fewer buttons than typing Updates
  • Updates can go directly to ANY client
  • Photos can be submitted as desired
  • Users must be within 1 mile to Update
  • GPS is captured as Update submits
  • Updates don’t exist without true effort
  • Make your Updates more trustworthy