Live Repo Maps

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Interact with your assignments fluidly with Update: by VArepo through our assignment, computer, tablet & smartphone sync.


Repo software is evolving & our Live repo maps give you the control needed to fully adjust each pin as needed so you can use the maps to communicate between your office & field agents.  Say goodbye to paperwork out in the field & say hello to an interactive map that only shows you the addresses that need attention on both computers & Android mobile devices.  Once your office users learn how to use our live repo maps to communicate fluidly with your field presence, your services will never be the same.  If you are still using paper maps & files in the field, then it’s time to reach out to us for a better solution.

Pin Design

Pin color determines who the client is

  • Choose between 18 different colors
  • Freely change the colors around as desired

Pin Image sets a visual pin design for the order

  • Freely change between 18 different images
  • This can be car, SUV, boat images etc.
  • or images to encourage various activity
    • Run ASAP, No contact etc.

Pin Functionality

  • Web Panel
    • Hover to view basic order information
    • Send routes to your Mobile App users
    • Open the order in a new browser tab
  • Mobile App
    • Review basic order information
    • Access deeper order data as desired

No Words Needed

Just the images on our maps help you understand:

  • Client
  • Collateral Type
  • Home or POE
  • Recently Added Pins
  • Verified Location & more