Search Engine Optimization

The time to engage a potential client is when they are currently looking for your services, not when you have the time to make solicit calls. SEO requires time & although we can not make people search for your specific services within your service area, we can normally see our websites showing within the first few pages within the first 30 days.



You must help search engines understand your services so they can best display your website in their search results as folks go looking for said services.  Part of why our domain projects perform so well is because repo is in our blood & we are not your normal developers as we deeply understand your side, our side, and the side of your potential client. only took 10 days to bring in the first new client & after 2 months, they had more cash in from new clients than they spent on the domain project. is an example of a wonderful team who had multiple new clients coming to them on a regular basis within their first 6 months of business.  The search engines are where the gold is & we know how to help you dig.


Search Engine Optimization is needed to help direct targeted visitors to your website.  You can have the most beautiful website in the world, but if the right people can’t find it, then it will slow to produce results.

Our Developers adjust all text & every image on each page so the website content is easily understood by search engines.  After search engines learn what your website is about, they will then know when to show your website in their search results & we fully manage getting this process started.


Powerful Tools

Let us fully manage the installation & set-up of Search Engine Optimization software which encourages good SEO efforts throughout the website design.  This software analyzes the content throughout any page as you make changes & then shows what you are doing correctly, ok or incorrectly.

Our team does the hard work of creating a design with good SEO to jump start everything, but then it is simple for you &or your developers watch the Live SEO analysis showing when even the smallest future design changes affect SEO.


Deep Down Trust

You don’t need to blindly trust that you have a solid start to your SEO efforts when you can easily see many core SEO tasks along with your current settings as green, orange or red circles to show as good, ok & bad so you can adjust the design as needed.