You’re in control!

Although most of our customers enjoy our ability to fully manage everything for them, we do also give you the ability to manage server and website tasks on your own.  We do not feel that the path to success is most reachable if we restrict your ability to run with what we give you, so you also get the control needed to do just about anything you want.


Server Admin

We give your the ability to log into the server to review & adjust various items as desired.  You will use cPanel to review deep visitor statistics, details such as bandwidth usage & disc usage as well as fully manage your email accounts, forwarders, autoresponders, filters & even track deliverability if ever needed.

Website Admin

We build on the WordPress platform & give you full control to edit the content throughout your website like never before & with no coding knowledge required.  Our initial development efforts could be enjoyed as something left alone as well as something that can be easily adjusted as desired without being forced to employ the time of a developer.