VArepo website tips bring potential clients directly to you!

These points can help you build a fruitful website or understand why an existing one doesn’t make the phone ring.

VArepo Website Tips:

This is the secret to getting new clients directly:

How many hours have you lost to failed solicit calls ending with “We are happy with our current provider but send us your info so we have it in case something comes up.” ?  Think about it… The time to engage potential clients is when they are currently looking for your services, not when you have the time to contact them & see if they are currently looking.  You must get found… this is the first step & most important.  The second step is that you must stand out from the pack with a design that looks good, is easy to navigate & shows potential clients everything they need to see & call you to move forward in some way.

This is the secret to getting into the search engines:

Most people use search engines to get started when looking for anything, including many repo clients.  They will use specific phrases to search for vendors & then roll through the results.  You must make your website help the search engines understand what your website is about so when someone does a search, the search engines think “I remember this website that used these same phrases.” and shows you in the search resutls.  Think about what your potential clients are typing in for a search & then make your website demonstrate that your website is about this.  If done correctly, you can begin showing in search results within a few weeks but if not, then it can take longer.

What if you don’t have several months & want a fully managed solution now?

Most VArepo website projects report getting phone calls in less than 30 days & holds the record at 10 days to bring in the first new client & less than 8 weeks to make more money off the website than they paid for it!  Everything described on is included & if you simply want phone calls to start coming in within the next few weeks, let our developers custom build one of these machines around your unique needs & desires.  We can start from scratch as well as use your existing website as a starting point on our platform.

  1. The website must work with search engines to drive the right traffic to it.
  2. The visual design must stand out from the pack.
    • Think about how it compares to a client rolling through many websites.
    • The content on the website must answer all initial questions.
    • If it says “built with a free website builder…” think of how this looks.
    • Look at your local competition websites and compare likes\dislikes.
  3. You need fine tuned Desktop, Tablet & Smartphone browser designs.
  4. The website design must be optimized for best load speed.
  5. Your domain needs to be connected to google about 8 different ways.
  6. Find your competition online & list yourself in all the same places.
  7. Do NOT sign up for free directories that are not repo related.
    • These normally become a bother more than they help.
    • Your are giving your info blindly to a free directory.
    • You will most likely get a bunch of solicit calls from doing this.
    • Clients rarely visit random free directories for repo vendors.
  8. DO sign up for ads in directories like
    • Advertising in directories visited by clients is good.
    • Even if no calls come in, this helps folks see repeatedly that you exist.
    • With Google Analytics, you will see how many folks come in from ads.
  9. Use professional website building software.
    • We recommend you learn how to build on the WordPress platform.
    • Simple website software limits your ability to run at full speed.
    • You’ll find countless YouTube videos showing how to use WordPress.
    • There are hundreds of thousands of free features that can be used.
    • Only install features that are regularly maintained & have high ratings.
    • Build in security, functionality, design & SEO… In this order.