What does your Repossession company need to succeed?

  1. Repo Software that makes life easier while strengthening your relationships with your clients?
  2. Custom Website build to help potential clients find and contact you?
  3. Graphic Design to help you visually stand out and establish your brand?
  4. Informational Package Enhancements to help it catch more attention?
  5. Powerful Directory Listings to get you listed in Local Search Engine Results?
  6. Custom Software Development of any form to help push your company ahead?

The Va Repo Network has your back and wants to help you THRIVE!


  1. Let your entire team live off "Live" maps rather than having to manage routes and lists!
  2. Better understand your service area by simply looking at "Live" maps and unique pins!
  3. You add\manage your assignments from many portals and work everything together!
  4. Unlimited Assignments allowed with no extra charge based on outcome (Closed, Repo'd etc.)
  5. Unlimited Website and Mobile Application user profiles with no additional charges!
  6. Full Admin Control to add and fully manage your own users in real time.
  7. Field efforts are automatically High-Detail, Professional, Backed by 2 walls of GPS and Verifiable!
  8. Easily expand your field presence based on Morals and Character rather than prior experience!
  9. Spend next to no office time managing your field efforts, simply set up profiles and cut them loose!
  10. Convert your team to a "Mobile Friendly" operation and eliminate paperwork in the field!
  11. Allow your entire team to simply pull out an Android device and get work done 24\7!
  12. No contract, complete freedom to cancel at any time, no upgrading to more features!
  13. 100% Free Support nearly 24 7!
  14. New Features and Enhancements added every few weeks!

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  1. We will custom build a website exactly to your desires where you can customize everything!
  2. This comes with as many email addresses under your domain that you wish!
  3. Unlimited number of pages allowed within your website!
  4. Va Repo Websites display perfectly on all Desktops, Mobile Devices & Browsers!
  5. Monthly submissions to Directories\Search Engines for Search Engine Visibility Included!
  6. Let your visitors search for specific Zip Codes to see if you cover and area they need service!
  7. Custom image enhancements included to clean up images you wish to display!
  8. Custom Logo and Business Card designs included!
  9. Analytics built in to track visitors, where they came from and what they do on your website!
  10. You Get Full Administrator capabilities and Education to manage your website in real-time!
  11. You also get Full Administrator capabilities to manage your server\email addresses in real-time!
  12. After 12 months, you own your website 100% and can do whatever you wish with it!



JRS Recovery Website Image

JRS Recovery

PCR Website ImagePrime Collateral Recovery

502 Recovery Website Image

502 Recovery

On Time Towing and Recovery Website Image

On Time Towing and Recovery

ARS Website Image

Advance Recovery Services

Midway Towing and Recovery Website Image

Midway Towing and Recovery

  1. We can either build a custom logo for you or clean up and enhance an existing one.
  2. Our designers can custom build animations for your team to help engage your internet viewers.
  3. If you need simple or extensive adjustments or enhancements to your images, we've got you covered.
  4. When you have video footage that needs adjustments of any sort, contact us to help you here as well.
  5. The business cards we design are more like works of art rather than simple images and text.
  6. Everything we touch is 100% customizable and built from the ground up around your desires.

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  • Our Support team will help you adjust and enhance your existing Informational Package.
  • We do NOT build these from scratch as we do not distribute generic Informational Packages.
  • We can help adjust your verbiage and visual elements within your package to help it stand out.
  • All verbiage & images within your Informational package will remain 100% yours to do as you wish.
  • When we are complete, you will get 2 copies:
  1. A Hard Copy in .PDF format which you can distribute via Email, Mail, Fax or on your website.
  2. A Soft Copy in Word format which you can easily edit as desired at any time.

  1. We will help you get listed in Local Search Engine Results with engaging listings!
  2. Help Local Customers pull out their phone to find a local company and call YOU!
  3. Our Search Engine and Directory Network will have you listed across 70+ Search Engines and Directories.
  4. Your listings can include Images, Videos, Hours of Operation, Promotions, Payment Methods, Holiday Hours and more!
  5. You can't submit these on your own as most Search Engines and Directories within our Network require our partnership.
  6. Most Listings are Live within 72 Hours and you get direct links to all of your listings!
  7. Easily manage ALL of your Listings through 1 single master listing!
  8. Analytic and Reputation monitoring included.
  9. Pay per month with full freedom to cancel at any time.**Listings will be removed**
  10. This is not specifically for repo services and can help those within many industries!

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  • Through our Support Network, we have built relationships with over 400 developers from all corners of the world.
  • Rather than having just a few developers that can figure out how to make something happen, we have the ability to devote specific developers to projects that possess the unique capabilities needed to make everything work perfectly.
  • Our Network has successfully deployed hundreds of mobile applications and thousands of web applications and simply have the capabilities to turn any software need into a seamless solution.
  • Contact Us today regarding your software needs of any sort and we will work with you to get a deep understanding of your project and support you with a solid, proven and flawless solution.

Enjoy some Music Videos our CEO created years ago for fun as he repossessed thousands of pieces of collateral.

  • P.S. Don't record repo's and post them publicly as it will get you into trouble!
  • (These are all roughly a decade old, we have blurred a lot out and there is no debtor contact)